Why developing a customized system for your company?

Vértice is specialized in developing customized systems for the tasks management and automation for your business. We develop software for business of all sizes and marked segment, thinking and following your company’s work processes, thus preventing you from adopting an off-the-shelf software. Therefore, it’s much easier for your system to evolve together with your company.

The systems are widely used by companies in their daily routines, for that reason, we believe that in addition to performance and scalability, the system needs to have an attractive visual identity and intuitive usability to make the daily routine of those who use it more pleasant and happy. As benefits, there is the costs reduction in the processes, repetitive tasks automation, best business results follow-up, in addition to intuitive and customized reports.

We take care of all the software development process stages, from the definition of functionalities to be developed, prototyping, up to the implementation and training to use the system.

Our tools
Technologies we will use to develop the best solutions.
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Our working process
When you contract Vértice, the work happens like this
People gathered around a table discussing the details regarding the team preparation for a new software development project.
01. Team Preparation We need a time before the beginning of the project to gather the team, prepare the architecture and raise the main project’s requirements.
How you can contribute

At this moment, it is important that you send us your project’s references, if applicable, and all the materials the team needs to develop it.

Man uses a pencil to draw a system prototype with responsive layout
02. Creation We create a functional prototype with the first screens of your project or design project for you to approve and give suggestions.
Your opinion is very important!

When we send you the layout our prototype proposals, do not take too long to reply. This time is indispensable for the schedule to work well.

Man checks the cell phone while using the notebook
03. Development According to the schedule submitted with your proposal, we will start developing your project. We release some versions up to the date.
Give us feedbacks

It is important that you test the versions we release before the deadline. Thus, we can work on adjustments or bugs that might arise.

Two Businessmen looking at a notebook screen, happy with the delivery of the company’s new system
04. Happy Customer Our greatest satisfaction is that our customer is happy with the product delivered and that it improves the company processes.
Mission accomplished; product delivered!

We hope you make a good use of the product acquired. If it is not a nuisance, send us a testimony of your experience :)

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