What is Vértice Digital Outsourcing?

The Vertice Digital IT outsourcing is providing the service of software development professionals. With options starting from 24 hours a month, you can choose the number of hours and hire according to your need. We work with the model of remote allocation, that is, the allocation of professionals is our responsibility, while you are thinking how your system will be, we take care of everything else.

The Remote outsourcing provides cost and expense reduction in:
- Recruitment and selection;
- Training;
- People management;
- Project management;
- Labor charges and benefits;
- Labor licenses;
- Softwares and Hardwares;
- Physical space;

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Specialized Team

A team of professionals highly specialized in the technologies needed to meet the demands of each client will be available.

Focus on Core Business

IT Outsourcing allows your company to focus on activities related to the core business, while we build and / or sustain your digital solutions.

Risk Sharing

The outsourcing team will be responsible for the entire development process and smooth operation related to the developed applications.

Efficiency and quality

The outsourcing team will be 100% focused on project development, ensuring delivery in the shortest possible time, with quality and automated testing.

What to develop with IT outsourcing

Your company can use the outsourcing team to develop any digital product within the services we offer and the languages ​​we master. The services available for software development outsourcing are these:

Our tools
We use these technologies to develop the best solutions
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Illustration shows a robot, which programmed by one man, answers another man's questions
Artificial intelligence

With outsourcing your company can also remove from paper those projects that you thought using artificial intelligence. Team values ​​do not vary by technology.

We have extensive experience with face recognition projects, both for access and account validation as well as fraud prevention, chatbots, customer service automation, sales processes and more.

Gestão e Manutenção de Servidores Cloud
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