We believe that each of us can make a difference in the world.

We use environmental and sustainability principles as a way to make strategic decisions, maximizing results and promoting the reduction of costs, all for the sake of a healthier planet.

We developed this section based on Article 225 of the Brazil Federal Constitution. "Everyone has the right to an ecologically balanced environment and of common use and essential to a healthy quality of life, enforcing to the government and society the duty to defend it and preserve it for present and future generations."


Based on the principles described above and always concerned with the welfare of the planet, Vertice Computer believes that technological development, in partnership with the preservation of the environment, can promote in small actions, big and positive changes. Sustainable measures are practiced by the company and among our employees. Find out what they are below:

  • Use of LED lamps to a lower power consumption;
  • Use of solar energy to charge devices such as mobile phones;
  • Maximum reduction of paper printing;
  • Use of monitors and LED notebook screens - which provides up to 40% electricity reduction (compared to LCD panel);
  • Home-office work system and remote-work as a way to collaborate with the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the vehicle traffic faced in large cities, thinking about the health of employees and collaborators; besides promoting the motivation of employees resulting in higher added value to products developed;
  • Use of bicycles as a means of transport for short trips in the center of Rio de Janeiro;
  • We don’t use disposable cups in our office (only for customers);
  • Energy saving. All electronics company are switched off after the end of the day.