Why develop a chatbot?

Your current and future clients are in many places on the internet, why should you stay in only one?

With the chatbots service you can interact and connect with many more potential customers of your business on different platforms at the same time. Chatbots are highly personalized and can have different functions within a company, from picking up simple questions from your customers, reporting on promotions, request progress, and even conducting a whole sales process.

We've developed all types of chatbots, from FAQ Bots to utility bots and even bots that deal with artificial intelligence to better understand your audience's needs. In addition, the applicability of a chatbot is quite broad. have been used by areas such as HR, legal, sales, exchange, tourism, restaurants, IT and etc.

Vértice will help throughout the development process of a chatbot, from the creation of the avatar and definition of the personality of the application, to the choice of publishing channels depending on the target audience, such as Messenger, Telegram, Slack , Skype and others.

mulher segurando um smartphone e vários icones de aplicativos em volta. Ícone do whatsapp em evidência
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We integrate your chatbot with any of the platforms below
Our work process
When you hire the Vértice, the work happens like this
foto preparacao
01. Team preparation We need some time before the start of the project to assemble the team, prepare the architecture and raise the main requirements of the project.
How can you contribute?

At this point it is important that you send us references of your project, if any, and all the materials that the team will need to develop it.

foto criacao
02. Creation We create a functional prototype with the first screens of your project or design proposals for you to approve and give suggestions.
Your opinion is very important!

When we send the layout proposals or prototypes, do not take too long to respond. This time is essential for the good timing of the schedule.

foto desenvolvimento
03. Development According to the schedule we sent in your proposal, we will start developing your project. We will release some versions by the end date.
Give us feedback

It is very important for us to test the versions that we release before the deadline, so we can work on any adjustments or bugs that may arise.

foto entrega
04. Happy Customer =D Our greatest satisfaction is that our customer is happy with the product delivered and that this improves the company's processes.
Mission accomplished, product delivered!

We hope you make good use of the purchased product. If it's not a bother, send us a testament to your experience :)

We'd love to talk to you about your new projects. Call to us