Human Resources Assessment System

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  • Employees, Interns and Third Parties Register
  • Departments, Positions and Salaries
  • Access level according to the position
  • Job Description Register
  • Purposes / goals register according to the evaluation year
  • Sending reminders to all the employees
  • Performance evaluation with two stages (review of previous purposes and planning the objectives for the next period)
  • Suggestion for salary increase by the employee’s manager at the end of the evaluation
  • 360 Evaluation - Sending of invitation by the manager to other employees or third-parties to assess the collaborator
  • Probationary Period Evaluation - For new employees at the company who elaborated the goals planning in their first 3 months at the company
System with friendly, intuitive, and on-line layout. Access your employees evaluation at anytime, anywhere.
Performance Assessment

View the achievement of goals established by your employees and their planning for the next year.

360 Evaluation

Understand how your employee has been seen by their co-workers and their customers.

Probationary period evaluation

Assess a new employee during his/her first 3 months at the company to know if the hiring will proceed not.

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